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    You Have A Friend In Huntingdon County
    ??????????????????????Apex Realty Group?David Gardner

    Sellers Representation??
    ? Professional?service?provided?for?listing, marketing,qualifying prospective buyers, disclosures,addendum's,coordination with the banks, appraisals, inspections and much more.?? Satisfaction guaranteed

    Selling Your Home

    To sell your home, you'll need more than yard signs and advertisements. You need a?Realtor who will work as your Trusted Advisor and Skilled Negotiator

    David Gardner And Apex Realty Group ?can help you sell your home more quickly and easily by:

    • Helping you set the right price on your home to attract the right buyers and the sales professionals who work with these buyers.
    • Gathering data that will present your house? in the best light.
    • Targeting the market where the most likely buyers will be.
    • Qualifying calls from people who may be more curious than serious about buying
    • Showing your home to the best prospects
    • Accessing an established local network and? Relocation Services
    • Skillfully representing you during the offer process
    • Doing the necessary paperwork timely manner.
    • Guiding you through settlement.

    Six Critical Elements of a Sale

    1. Asking Price

      This is the number one factor in the sale of your home. The actual market value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay. Through their research, your?Realtor ?will assist you in determining the most appropriate sales price. Their customized sales and marketing program will then target exposure to a large segment of potential buyers.
    2. Property Location

      The second most important factor in the buyer's mind is location. The proximity to area amenities and schools is typically a concern. In addition, street traffic, proximity to?highways and public?lands are considerations.
    3. Property Condition

      Buyers consider the structural and mechanical integrity of your home as well as the upkeep and cosmetic appeal. Neutral décor, including floor and wall coverings, appliances and fixtures, offers the broadest appeal to potential buyers.
    4. Market Conditions?

      ???? Interest rates, competition from other???? properties, the economy and consumer?? confidence all influence the sale of your home and are beyond your control. The best response to these conditions is expert marketing and pricing strategy.

    1. Contract Terms

      The terms of the sale can make or break a contract. For instance, house sale contingencies, closing dates and exclusions of accessories or fixtures should always be handled clearly up front in order to avoid any confusion that could affect the sale.
    2. Marketing

      When marketing and advertising are done correctly, your home will sell more quickly and command a higher price. But every property is unique and the marketing plan should be designed to target those buyers most likely to want your home. Special attention should be paid to the most popular sources buyers use to find the homes they purchase.

    Free CMA

    Apex Realty Group
    David A Gardner

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